Press Release

July 22, 2011

Community Launches Campaign Opposing Arlington’s Wasteful Spending on Unsafe and Flawed Design

Arlington, VA – On July 22, a growing non-partisan group of concerned South Arlington citizens launched an outreach campaign against Arlington County for lack of transparency, not listening to citizen’s concerns, wasteful spending, and for putting families at risk. The county is planning a $200,000-$300,000 major redesign (“T13C”) of the intersections of S. Arlington Ridge Road, S. 23rd and S. Meade Streets that the residents feel is fatally flawed. Construction is expected to begin August, 8, 2011.

Residents have requested the County Board and Staff reverse course, put the intersection revision on hold, and incorporate resident concerns into a workable re-design but have felt largely ignored and have started an outreach campaign, as a way to get their voices heard.

Among several elements, this redesign includes:

• Eliminating safety “slip lane” from southbound Arlington Ridge Rd. onto S. Meade St., eliminating safe exit from busy Ridge traffic onto S. Meade St. and S. 24th St. The slip lane was originally put there by the County for safety reasons.
• Pushing traffic deeper into neighborhood, especially around Oak Ridge Elementary school, exposing school children to increased risks of car injuries.
• Removing bus stop cut-out on NE corner of Arlington Ridge Rd and S. 23rd St,. forcing traffic to stop when bus is present, blocking adjacent four-way traffic.
• Developing tax-free private circular driveways at citizen’s expense for no reason
• Redesigning sidewalks and adding buffer strips that will reduce the size of residents’ yards, including demolition of a flower bed

The Save our Streets Campaign is a distress call citing that Arlington County has ignored the “Arlington Way”, which is nationally recognized as a shining example for citizen engagement, visionary planning, and use of scarce resources to improve communities.

For more information, please visit or follow Twitter: SOS Streets

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For a full PDF version of this release, please click here.


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