Here you can find the background piece about the poorly envisioned transportation redesign project that the Arlington County Staff is imposing on our neighborhood. The copies of various correspondence with the County and other information is posted here for your reference.

The citizens are standing up for an honest, open and constructive dialogue. So far, the County has largely ignored our input. This is happening in Arlington (VA) County that is a home for the well-known “Arlington Way”, which is nationally acclaimed as a model example of collaboration and planning between citizens and government. There are obvious issues with this project and the implementation of the “Arlington Way” in reality.

This harmful project (and its flawed design) should be immediately halted and fully re-designed to meet citizen’s requests and safety requirements.

We believe that “Arlington Way” is not an empty slogan, but a meaningful framework that needs to be practiced and refined every day. This process is not accomplished by running over citizens but working with them.

It seems the County staff is more interested in looking for a “rubber stamp” on the project rather than having a meaningful discussion with the affected residents. Just as an illustration, out of the six clear concerns laid out by the ARCA association in their letter dated on May 27, 2011, only one concern was remotely addressed by the staff.

The way the County staff and County Board appears to be bent is creating a serious safety problem with our tax dollars. It is particularly upsetting to us that the County Board is unwilling to challenge County staff or, at the very least, to put a hold on this project until it can be collaboratively designed in a serious way. 

We rather see our tax dollars be spent on valuable projects that make sense and increase safety, esp. given the fact of the economic conditions in which we live and operate today.

Below is the sample list of many background documents about this ill-designed project.

1.   April 2011:  Letter to Arlington County
2.  April 2011: Visual representation of the project opposition within immediate impacted area
3.   May 2011:  Arlington Ridge Civic Association Letter to the Arlington County
4.   June 2011:  County’s Rejection of ARCA’s requests
5.   June 2011: Latest County’s Plans and Design
6.   June 2011:  Neighbor’s Letter with Options
7.   July 2011:  Citizen’s Letter to Arlington County Board
8.   July 2011:  Citizen’s Letter to County Board
9.   July 2011:  Letter from Neighbor with Issue Decriptions
10. July 2011: Letter from County again rejecting citizens’ concerns
11. July 2011: Letter to the County re: non-responsivness