Money to Waste?

The County should stop its actions and rationally consider the serious feedback from the citizens. Instead, the transportation director is talking down to residents and ignoring the entire neighborhood.  There were times in the past when his staff did not even want to talk with citizens. Please click here to see how the County project manager has told the citizens that she can not talk to them.  It seems that it was far more important for the County Staff to create illusion of inclusion, then to pay attention to justified concerns, such as one presented by the transportation expert.

So the poorly designed project goes forward. We all watch with a sense of disbelief. Why would the County waste this much money for fixing a non-issue with Meade St intersection which has no reported accidents? Why are our safety concerns falling on the deaf ears? The precious resources could be used more wisely than building circular driveways.

It is not just Meade Street, and Ridge Road. We are now hearing from other neighborhoods. Please click here to see story from Chain Bridge Area or read the newspaper article. Money is being spent where it is not needed or asked for.

In the meantime, Arlington County is carrying a debt. How will they pay the debt service if the revenues decrease and costs go up.? What will happen to the county’s credit rating if Congress continues on its present path?

On top of this, the County manager states that there are future budget pressures:

  • “Beyond FY 2012, the County faces a combination of internal and external budget pressures. While the County is experiencing the beginnings of an economic recovery, we are not immune to broader economic issues. In addition, past budget decisions, particularly the opening of new facilities, have an impact on future years’ budgets.” (For a full document, please click here.)

In July the county had to plug a budget gap which will widen in 2013.

  • “It is a good thing that Arlington has the reserves available to get us through FY 2012,” said County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman. “This is, however, a temporary solution. We expect the federal government to make far deeper cuts in FY 2013, cuts that may seriously affect programs that create affordable housing, house the homeless, provide training for the unemployed and more. We are starting now to make contingency plans with our non-profit partners for FY 2013.” (See more details here)

Now add to that the decrease in home values and the concomitant decrease in tax income. It all begins to add up. It is not hard to foresee an increase in real estate taxes in the near future.

Dear County Leaders – we are simply your neighbors. We have our own worries. We worry about our jobs, our future income, home repairs and maintenance, our kids,  our 401ks, social security….paying more taxes is simply not in the budget.

We are watching a poorly conceived design going forward and money being wasted, and we remain in the sense of utter disbelief.


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