Updates: Ongoing Construction

The County’s transportation Department is continuing with project implementation despite citizen’s concerns that the project has serious design flaws that can can impose safety risks esp. for the Meade St intersection where there were no accidents reported in the last four years per County Manager.  For more information about why safety slip lanes should be preserved at Meade St, please click here.  The  safety slip lanes are not mythically dangerous per some bureaucratic policy and many common sense people agree with this, such as 70%+ residents of Arlington participating in on-line poll.

This is terrible design.  A computer model may indicate that, “The volume of traffic turning from Arlington Ridge Road to Meade Street is low enough for a 90-degree intersection to clear it without causing traffic problems on Arlington Ridge Road,” but anyone who has actually driven on Ridge Road during rush hour knows that this is non-sense (see picture above). Ridge Road carries an enormous volume of rush hour traffic; true enough, not as many vehicles may take the slip-lane exit at Meade St, but any vehicle that slows down enough to negotiate the proposed 90-degree turn will require a near stop, which in turn will stop traffic on Ridge Road. This will turn a chronic bottleneck into a chronic nightmare.

At this point, there were no works reported on the key South Meade St intersection. We hope that the County will realize serious concerns that exist for this project, and channel funds into confirmed safety improvement projects that are addressing real citizen problems across the County.


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