Media Continues to Closely Follow The Issue

The media is continuing to monitor the story coming from our area.  The Washington Examiner has published another good article linking the situation that we are experiencing in our area with many other similar projects that the County is doing across the board.  We have written on this blog about several of them, including Chain Bridge Area and Columbia Pike.  As journalist have noticed, The Arlington County’s efforts has residents in several neighborhoods up in arms at a government they said does whatever it wants without consideration for citizens.
“I think there was a time when ‘the Arlington way’ meant good governance,” Terry Dean from Chain Bridge area said.  “Arlington way” now means my way or highway.” Please see the similar stories shared in our area about Arlington Way, County’s collaborative practices, refusals to talk to residents and creation of the illusion of inclusion. Citizens are worried because safety concerns are ignored by the County Transportation Department that has demonstrated many issues with its engineering designs in the past.  For more details please click here to learn more about technical details as they relate to the flaws in the current design or expert’s opinion about this project.
For the full story, please read more at the Washington Examiner:

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