Illusion of Inclusion

The following post is taken and slightly adjusted based on the general posting by unknown commentator at other blog(s).

The so-called “Arlington Way” is/ has become a self-congratulatory form of civic myth, by which the “Illusion of Inclusion” is trotted out to make residents feel like the County Government is interested in/listening to what they say.  In reality, when masks are removed, this  feels as My Way or Highway, which has been experienced by a number of residents either in our area, Chain Bridge,  Columbia Pike etc. (If you want to see more details around flawed design of Ridge/Meade Intersection, please click here)

In contrast to the supposed wonder of the “Arlington Way”, the reality is overbearing and heavy-handed approach, often arbitrary decision-making, ignoring the input of communities and neighborhoods, and a too common attitude of arrogance that boils down to the upper levels in the County, assuming that they know better than everyone.  Certain individuals and offices are wonderful but the overall tone is off-base.


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