County is Getting Ready to Rail-Road Citizens

Despite the overwhelming objections of citizens in the area along with many commuters, the County is moving construction trucks to the intersection.  It is sad that the collaboration for the County seem to be the one-way process.  Concerned Citizens are not focusing on winning or loosing, but creating solutions that increase safety, use resources wisely, and fix real neighborhood issues.  Some neighbors are showing protest by marking off their property.

The County contractor’s trucks (D&F Construction, Inc. ) were seen this morning on 23rd street, as well as no parking signs.  Why rush?


Why is County chosing to ignore majority of citizens? Why avoid sincere collaboration that increases safety for all? Why not follow good principles? Why fixing non-issue, i.e. intersection with no reported accidents? Why prefer solutions that the professional  & licensed engineer mark as terrible and unsafe? We know that County’s engineers are not really “right”, esp. when they follow bureaucratic instructions and misinterpreted policies.


One response to “County is Getting Ready to Rail-Road Citizens

  1. Where are these construction guys going to the toilet? I don’t see a Porta-potty anywhere.

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