Transportation Dept. Ignores Citizens: Construction Starts

The County started the work on the 23rd/Ridge intersection today.  There was no reported construction on Meade street  safety slip lane at this point in time.  The County seems to be using D&F Construction, Inc. as their primary contractor. Neighbors spotted workers in the area, and mainly noticed only one County Staff member, who avoided any interactions with citizens.

Please click here to see how the County is putting families at risk, while spending dollars on the project design that was not called by anyone (click here to read interview with Civic Association President ) except County’s staff.  After strong pressure from citizens, the County has finally admitted that there are no accidents reported at Meade St intersection. Moreover, the majority of people with common sense agrees with concerned citizens that slip lane is not dangerous just by its existance.

The flower bed and bus area will be removed in this operation, too. The works on this project is heavily opposed by the majority of citizens in the area due to safety reasons.  It seems that the County has the similar record of ignoring citizen’s concerns like in case of River St. project.

Citizens are simply calling for the County to hold actions and starts principled collaborative process.


One response to “Transportation Dept. Ignores Citizens: Construction Starts

  1. I thought majority rule was the core of the democratic process in gaining opinion and making decisions.

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