Same Story?

The Arlington County Transportation Department seems to be engaged in the patterns of similar actions across the County that involve ignoring neighborhoods and communities by use of bureaucratic spin, gerrymandering affected areas and providing platitudes about alleged safety issues. Please click here to learn more about the ways in which this department envisions “collaboration”.

It is one action to talk over the phone with one or two people, who seem to support County’s position and then claim that on your record as collaboration…and quite different from engaging in a sincere principled dialogue with all affected citizens.

It seems that our fellow citizens from the Chain Bridge Community have experienced the same dose of famous “Arlington Way” in dealing with the County like citizens in our area. This is the type of project where County puts safety at stake, and where safety concerns fall on deaf ears.

  • Per people in this Chain Bridge Community, the Arlington County effectively disenfranchised 180 residents of Chain Bridge Forest and hundreds more in Chesterbrook Woods who have no other or limited means to get to or from their homes except by the intersection of River Street and Glebe Rd. Arlington County also justified this extreme action in the name of safety. The Arlington County proposal, however, does nothing to address speeding hundreds of yards away from the entrance on River Street where it has been documented.  In order for the solution to be acceptable to the community, broader participation by residents rather than Arlington County’s gerrymandered “area of impact” will be necessary.

Please click here to see a full Chain Bridge Community’s letter to VDOT.

Citizens in our area will remember those who approved Ridge Rd  flawed project, that is fixing non-issues, including removal of the safety slip lane, and bus stop area. (please click here for more details)


One response to “Same Story?

  1. Well the slip lane project begins tomorrow. We are three weeks from school start and I am heartsick to know it will now be a daily struggle to take my children to school all for what?

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