70%+ of Respondents Agrees with Concerned Neighbors

By COB on August 5th, the on-line poll implemented by the Arlington Blog shows that over 70% of respondents either thinks that slip lanes are not a safety hazard or that some slip lanes should be removed but that the other are safe and useful. It is interesting to note that the absolute majority of votes classifies slip lanes as not a safety hazard under any circumstances.  

Bottom line, an overwhelming majority of people do not consider slip lanes as an “automatic” safety hazard.  We don’t think that the County policy on slip lanes is an “automatic” one –  it is just that the County transportation staff is clearly intentionally misinterpreting policy in order to “invent” any reasons for this unsafe and wasterful project to go forward. This department has been performing at its historical lows in terms of collaboration with citizens (please click here for more details).

This view is also shared by the engineering expert with over 40 years of experience and practice in major urban areas including DC, LA and Chicago, who thinks that the current design is terrible and unsafe.

In addition, the almost unanimous majority of all people living in the affected area thinks that elimination of Meade St safety slip lane is not only a wasteful project, but that it actually decreases safety for both pedestrians and drivers.

Please check out that even the Arlington County implies that they will be implementing unsafe project – please click here.

For more information on why Meade St slip lane should be preserved, please check out here.


2 responses to “70%+ of Respondents Agrees with Concerned Neighbors

  1. What this poll tells me: It’s a good thing that transportation design and planning isn’t left up to the majority.

    • It is a good thing that the numbers tell the truth that is self-evident – slip lanes are fine. Unfortunately, we are all left in the hands of transportation department, which is basing their opinions not on polls, sound design, logic, accident data, studies or collaborative process, but rather on some bureaucratic or semi-political interpretation that don’t relate to the common sense.

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