Breaking News: Media Tells Story

Channel 9 has published a good story about what is happening with the ill-designed project that the County wants to push on the neighborhood and decrease our safety.
Please watch local news or simply go to the link:
Mr. Leach, Head of Arlington Transportation, stated that “We can not make everybody happy”.
What Mr. Leach does not realize is that he is making nobody happy since the overwhelming majority of the affected residents is against this unsafe, unwanted and unnecessary project.
 Is he trying to make Martians or residents from Andromeda Galaxy happy?
Despite empty claims that the County did a wonderful job communicating and collaborating with residents, we are finding even today people who are hearing about this project for the first time.  The County’s Project Manager also has communicated to residents on several occasions that she will not talk to them. Please click here for details.
Instead of following honest principles of collaboration, the Transportation department was only interested in pursuing a “sham” process.  This project was 50% completed when the County was telling residents it was 15% completed. It was 95% completed when the County pretended to take input from residents.
Deeds speak better than any words. The collaboration between citizens and County was so meaningful that the design for Meade St intersection remained literally the same since the beginning! Please see here how County views “collaboration”. This process feels like “My Way or Highway”.
Please help neighbors by writing letters to the County to halt project as requested by citizens and ARCA, and start a honest collaboration process. Please click here to see templates and addresses. Safety is at stake!

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