Safety Decreases: The County Is Responsible

Per the  County’s Manager’s communication, there are no accidents recorded at Meade St in the last four years. Consequently, there are also no currently installed warning signs for the entrance to Meade St since safety issues were not an issue at this intersection.   The County is claiming that the project will increase the safety. However, in her correspondence from July 19, 2011, the Assistant County Manager states:

  •  “….an advanced warning sign of the approaching intersection at Meade St.will be installed for downhill traffic on Arlington Ridge Road. Staff recommends installing a “T” warning sign, black on yellow.”

So, if the project is increasing safety as advertised by the County’s transportation department, then it would be logical for one to conclude that the need for advanced warning signs would not exist?

It is quite clear that this ill-designed project is actually decreasing safety for all traffic participants. Now, we have that officially from the horse’s mouth.

If the County decides to go forward with this project despite almost unanimous opposition from the affected neighbors (over 120 families) due to safety issues, we will know who is responsible – those who approved this unsafe and also wasteful project.

A respected and licensed professional engineer calls this project design terrible and unsafe. Neighbors are feeling like prisoners of their own neighborhood.

The time is ticking…Let your voice be heard and send emails to the County (click here to see how to help).

All that neighbors are asking for is safety for all – this project needs to be put on hold until citizens can work truly collaboratively with the County Staff to develop low-cost and good solutions. Click here to see simple diagram for one of the potential solutions.


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