Think About Your Families

Thank you for all of you who have volunteered your precious time and energy to help out! Time is of the essence. Please continue writing emails/letters to the County to let them know your thoughts about this unsafe, expensive, flawed and ill-designed project that was not collaboratively designed with the residents, and that can be done in a many simple, cheap and safe ways.

These messages can be simple, short and straightforward. Please check out the blog postings or “How can I help” section for samples. Below is the letter that one of our neighbors sent out to the County.

Dear Chris, Mary, Jay, Walter, and Barbara,

Morning Traffic on Ridge RoadLook at the picture to the left, and imagine the Meade St safety slip lane on the left being removed to become a front lawn, and the street that the car trying to enter traffic on Ridge from Meade being reduced in width by 25%.  This is what your transportation Department’s engineers have recommended.  [Please see here how engineers are always right?]

Bus on Ridge Road after Safety RoadThen look at the “traffic accelerating downhill“ picture on the right, and imagine driving with your family in a car coming down that hill in accelerating traffic from the stop light at 23rd Street at the top of the picture, having to come to almost a complete stop, and then taking a right hand turn onto Meade onto a narrower County designed street, and then coming back uphill.

You wouldn’t want YOUR families to be exposed to having their car rear-ended by a bus, truck, or a driver of a vehicle that is accelerating from the light, and who might be distracted by being on their cell phone or texting their friends.  We ask that you not put OUR families at risk, and be used as traffic calming devices.  The County may have a general policy supporting the removal of slip lanes, but this is not your standard street for which a 90o right hand turn is the best solution.

A budget of $200-300K is planned for this project.  To do the re-design of both parts of the intersection of Meade will probably use up close to one-half of your budget, mostly on front lawns and driveways to two houses.  If the County were to undertake simpler, less costly solutions (speed bumps, traffic signs, radar speed machine, traffic nub), you could save a lot of money from this project, not put our families at risk, and use it on other needed pedestrian safety measures on Ridge Road that have been requested by the citizens’ association (ARCA). 

There are currently more than 100 neighbors directly affected by this project that would like to meet with you and agree to a simpler and safer solution that meets all of our needs.

Please, do not put our families in harm’s way just to please a County policy on slip lanes that is meant to apply to flat streets.

Thank you for your consideration.



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