Prisioners of our own neighborhood

Morning Traffic on Ridge RoadI want to show you a  picture 0f morning traffic on Ridge
Rd.  This  picture was taken during rush hour at Meade
Street looking at traffic on Ridge going north to 23rd.  As you can see, speeding is not an issue here.  This traffic  can stretch down to Glebe and will only be exacerbated when the County transportation plans take effect.

It is hard enough to exit to Ridge today.  Now add a lane of traffic coming south and,  given the way people use their blinkers, we won’t know if they are turning in or continuing south.  And this is where pedestrians will cross.  Multiply this by a bus stopping in traffic right after the light on 23rd.  Help, I’m stuck and I can’t get out!

Taking any of the other roads to exit our neighborhood to 23rd and  then a left on 23rd  to Ridge will  be difficult as well.  Currently 2 cars  can make a left per light at 23rd and Ridge.

The county transportation plan effectively makes residents prisoners of their own neighborhood.



One response to “Prisioners of our own neighborhood

  1. Very clear description of how helpless we are now in leaving our neighborhood to travel north on Arlington Ridge Rd in the morning commute and likewise traveling south on Ridge during the evening rush. The County’s plan will not only make it more difficult to leave our neighborhood, but will also decrease safety for pedestrians, children walking to Oakridge Elementary and Gunston Middle Schools, and homeowners going to and from our neighborhood.

    Yeah, the County met with us, but didn’t hear a thing we said. In fact during a field trip reviewing the plan we were told to listen to them, not interrupt with questions.

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