The Arlington County Discovers Scientific Breakthrough: “Collaboration” Without Listening?

The Save our Streets Campaign is a distress call citing that Arlington County has ignored the “Arlington Way”, which is nationally recognized as a shining example for citizen engagement, visionary planning, and use of scarce resources to improve communities.

It is quite fascinating that the County does not understand that the collaboration is not One-Way process but Two-Way Street.  Mr. Dennis Leach, head of the County’s Transportation Department, should know better than this since he wrote the scientific paper that describes the topic: “Collaboration: The Key to Success in Transportation”.  It would be great to hear from him if he thinks that this project would be marked under the banner of successful collaboration.

How can one mark collaboration as successful if the other side feels that this process was colossal failure?  If the key to success in the transportation is collaboration, how this project can be success if there is no collaboration?

The County had only handful meetings with all concerned citizens. The County Staff arrived at the meeting with residents to hear their feedback about the design only to announce that they have 95% design fixed and that they are not in a mood to listen to justified resident’s safety concerns. This is not collaboration, but classical form of a “sham” process.

The citizens have emphasized a series of safety and other flaws in County’ design, but County Staff did not want to listen.  Please click here for a good explanations of all project flaws. In addition, you can see the simple diagram and proposal for a just one possible low-cost solution among many that would do the better job than the current design while improving safety for all. 

County was insisting that removing safety slip lanes was a safety issue and part of some mythological  policy that changes with weather conditions.  You can see here why Meade St safety slip lane is critical for preserving no accident status for additional decades to come.

To add to the injury, the County is proposing removing bus stop lane in order to smooth out traffic flow….we guess by jamming it!?  Does not make sense? You are not the only one asking the same questions.This is what one of our residents tried to find out from County. Please see his letter.

In addition, the County designed expensive solution that provides tax free circular driveways and County’s land at no cost to a couple of owners. The County was insisting to talk only with those who agree with these owner, because they are gaining direct benefits and agree with the project.  For more details on one of the ways County ignored its citizens, please click here.

The County is trying to fix safety at Meade St/Ridge Rd intersection for which accident record is ZERO.  This number was confirmed by the County Manager. For more details on how the County’s smoke screen was aired, please click here.

Basically, the County is fixing the non-existing problems and creating new problems.

Arlington County Engineers seem to have issues that date to their previous project.  One of old activists, remembers previous situation at Ridge Rd.  For more details on how engineers are always “right”, please click here.  

Citizens have proposed many logical, low-cost and appropriate solutions that improve safety and fit the needs of the community.  These solutions such as traffic nubs are applied successfully across the Arlington County.

If over hundred neighbors do feel rightly ignored and their local association President states that “this project is something that we did not request”, what the County was thinking?

I guess the County wants to rail-road residents at any cost and create solutions that would need to be fixed in the future at additional expense to tax payers.

Time is running out. We are in the Countdown.

Please see how can you help right now.  It should not take much of your time but can make a big difference for the area and people.


One response to “The Arlington County Discovers Scientific Breakthrough: “Collaboration” Without Listening?

  1. A resident who will be affected

    This really makes you loose your faith in Arlington County. What is the big hurry? There’s never been an accident. Who is driving this change? Not the neighbors. Why must the County do this against so much opposition? It is okay to take things slowly, compromise.

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