County’s Smoke Aired Out: No Accidents Reported

According to a July 27 letter from County Manager Donnellan to a neighbor near South Meade, there were no reported accidents at South Meade from 2007 through 2010.  Not a single one!

So what is Arlington County correcting? The so-called “dangerous slip lane” is a County myth. If there is even one accident in the future involving a vehicle making a right turn at South Meade, it could be attributed to the ill-advised elimination of the safety slip lane.

Every day, some 130 vehicles use the slip lane; they will be forced to come almost to a complete stop to make a right turn. It is a recipe for disaster. By our count, more than 200 vehicles use the slip lane on each school day. These cars carry parents and schoolchildren.

In her letter, Manager Donnellan mentions that County has shared and discussed traffic volumes with neighbors. That is not correct. The County never shared and discussed traffic volumes, collision history, etc. with the neighbors. When the County staff met with citizens in December, they absolutely refused to discuss any of those issues (that meeting included Wayne Wentz and Betty Diggs).

Neighbors have requested the safety record back in April/May, and it took County almost 2-3 months to collect simple accident data. They are no presenting this data only 10 days prior to the start of the construction.

The letter further states that curb nubs, location of the crosswalk and other such features are well documented in safety literature, but it doesn’t say whether any studies or designs were made with the features and data for Meade St location.


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