Principles to Follow

 1. Physical alterations should avoid negative impacts to residents. Designs should avoid taking property, increasing easement use, removing flora, removing parking, reducing access, or increasing traffic conflicts.

2. Physical alterations should promote neighborhood attractiveness and livability. Design elements should foster and support resident efforts to provide and maintain landscaping at a human-scale and create a calming and pleasant residential environment.

3. Plans should be drawn equitably. They should avoid disproportionate or undue winners or losers, which would promote neighbor versus neighbor disagreements. This supports the MTP equity goal and strategies.

4. Plans should be developed in moderation. Neighborhood needs far outweigh the available financial resources to meet those needs.

5. Plans should be evaluated objectively. The needs of all residents should be considered and input from all residents should be encouraged. The residents directly affected by proposed changes should be given a priority voice. Fact-based quantitative and qualitative reasoning should drive discourse and decision making.

6. The process used to move forward should be collaborative. A collaborative approach will ensure residents are working toward common goals and foster openness and trust. A collaborative partnership with the county will foster information sharing and discourage the imposition of boilerplate outcomes. Collaboration is a two-way street.

All these principles were severely violated by the County. The number of easements is record; County is ready to rail-road residents and does not prefer collaborative approach; Needs of residents were ignored; No facts or studies were considered;  County’s flawed design give tax free driveways unequitably to residents and wastes taxpayer resources; Destroys flora and trees; Decreases safety….See Diagram section for one simple and effective solution that follows these principles.


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