County’s Non-Response

Here is the most recent letter sent to the Arlington County Chariman:

“We are appalled that you continue to ignore the legitimate objections of the citizens of South Arlington to the proposed 23rd Street South project, the major Crystal City expansion and other County projects that threaten our community.  There must be some payoff of which we are not aware, because the Board has not answered a single critical citizen concern about traffic or safety.  The anger in South Arlington against the County Board and the County staff is palpable.

In the more than forty years that my wife has lived Arlington, she has written to the Board only three times.  The first was to protest the proposed combined criminal facility, halfway house, and drug center that was going to be built on South Four Mile Run within easy walking distance of the largest open air drug market in Arlington.  Fortunately, the County responded to citizens’ concerns and, instead, built an exercise facility at that location.  The other two letters were from us about the proposed redesign of 23rd Street South and South Arlington Ridge Road and elimination of the slip lane to South Meade Street.

 Our first response from the Board was a non-answer which was addressed to someone else, but sent to us.  The second response from you was about another project of which we have no knowledge.  Is this how the Board responds to serious and thoughtful safety concerns from the citizens of Arlington County? Individuals from other neighborhoods adjacent to South Arlington Ridge Road also have pointed out potential safety problems that the proposed redesign will create in their neighborhoods.  Have you given them any consideration?

 You have the power to stop this project, and we hope you will exercise that power.  It is time you paid attention to pedestrian and traffic safety concerns of your constituents.  Why are you endorsing the expenditure of two to three hundred thousand scarce tax dollars (or fungible developer funds) on a project with few demonstrable benefits and numerous serious flaws?

 As lifelong Democrats, we will, in the future, vote only for candidates who treat constituent concerns with respect and respond accordingly. Hundreds of our neighbors feel as we do.”

This letter along with other letters can be found in the background section.


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