We Can Not Talk To You

“Arlington will be a diverse and inclusive world-class urban community with secure, attractive residential and commercial neighborhoods where people unite to form a caring, learning, participating, sustainable community in which each person is important

– Arlington County Board, January 2002

For a County like Arlington who prides itself in an “Arlington Way”, which is supposed to include the active inclusion and partipation of local neighbors and neighborhoods in its transportation projects, the County has really fallen on its face in advancing this project where its project Manager Betty Diggs has consistantly refused to talk to local neighbors most directly affected by the project. “I am allowed to work with only the two households whose front yards we will be modifying” (and gaining 1400ft2 of front lawn each paid for by the County), but she cannot talk to — and in fact rudely dismisses — the other 25-40 or so families whose saftey will be put at risk by removal of the slip lane. This does not sound like a thoughtful and caring County that insists on local neighborhood input.



2 responses to “We Can Not Talk To You

  1. I take my two sons to Oakridge school using Meade and now the slip lane will be taken away! What a terrible idea, this is unsafe. So why would the county do this? Did the county come up with this idea on their own? I think not. Spending more than 1/4 million dollars for this in an economy like this? This neighborhood is becoming hostile. Why not have a single wagon trail and be done with it!

  2. Allen:

    I agree with you, the slip lane is important and we need it. I too have children and Gunston and Oakridge. Most of our parent base knows nothing about the project. Can you imagine what it will be like when school starts? Thanks for your comments. Please help get the word out to parents. The construction is scheduled for Aug 8. Encourage people to write to the county and ask for a hault until flaws in the plan are corrected.

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