Slip Lane and Safety

Arlington County does not need to eliminate the entrance and turn around island at the intersection of Meade Street and Ridge Road. The closure would make vehicular access between Meade Street and Ridge Road less safe by increasing vehicle conflicts; exacerbating the intersection’s steep slope and cross-slope; increasing the danger with snow and slick pavements; creating an intersection entry point that requires trucks to encroach into oncoming traffic lanes; making Meade Street pedestrians walk out of their way along Ridge Road; and placing those pedestrians at vehicular conflict points. The closure would eliminate safe access of 2300 block Ridge residents to northbound Ridge Road. The closure would also remove residential on-street parking. For these reasons, the proposed design is opposed by the overwhelming majority of people in the affected areas.


2 responses to “Slip Lane and Safety

  1. I don’t believe that there are any further modifications needed with the current street pattern.

  2. This change would affect not only the area bounded by South Meade Street, 24th Street South, South Nash, South Pierce and 23rd Street South, it would affect the neighborhood that turns off Arlington Ridge to June Street. This change is opposed by many who use Arlington Ridge Road.

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