Similar Situation?

The DC Examiner published an interesting story about the Arlington County Transportation Project involving Columbia Pike Area on July 6, 2011.
“In February, Steven Del Giudice, head of transit operations and planning in Arlington, “apologized for not providing more timely information on Crystal City,” lamely explaining that “the board’s decision on the Crystal City streetcar was the result of a planning document. …”
  • Sounds familiar? The County has provided us with so many lame explanations around why they have to do this ill-designed project in our area.  The safety record for the intersections in our area for which they have no data….. a traffic calming project for which they have no citizen support within impacted areas…a project that was open for citizen’s participation but was actually 95% designed from the very start….You name it! I think you can almost create an artificial intelligence program that could generate these excuses based on the daily temperature.
“Arlington is planning to narrow traffic lanes on Columbia Pike from the current 12 feet, which will force vehicles closer and make commuting even more challenging. Bus pullouts will be eliminated, so motorists trapped behind stopped streetcars will change lanes more often, causing more accidents.”
  • Sounds familiar? They are also taking bus lane/pullouts in our area, which will cause more backlogs on the Ridge Road.
“Arlingtonians take great pride in “The Arlington Way,” a collaborative process in which public and private concerns are openly aired before any major decisions are made. But the county’s desire for streetcars at any price has run roughshod over the public’s right to know, to say nothing of the reality that most people moving around in Arlington do so in private passenger vehicles, not on public transit or politically correct bicycles.”
  • Sounds familiar? The County wanted to use “Arlington Way” just as rubber stamp for their ill-designed project in our area. The County never truly engaged citizens in the process and ignored their concerns almost completely. 
Please see the full article here.

2 responses to “Similar Situation?

  1. We agree. The County staff and County Board have not answered a single critical citizen concern about traffic or safety in many projects throughout South Arlington.

  2. With the elimination of the bus stop ‘bump’ and the street cars, sounds like the transportation planners on the board want to make driving cumbersome to force us into mass transit.
    Unfortunately, I have to drive. Anyplace I can work is not effeciently supported by mass transit. I suspect that many of the people who drive on Ridge Road into their communities in Arlandria and Alexandria are in the same situation.

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