Fixing Non-Issue

We walk daily in the neighborhood with young children, including to and from Oakridge Elementary. From our frequent walks, the current pedestrian safety issue is the utility pole in the middle of sidewalk on Ridge Rd near 23rd St. There is no pedestrian safety issue with the existing Meade St/Ridge Rd slip lane. People can cross now at the marked crosswalk at the stop sign on Meade St, far from the steady traffic on Ridge Rd. The county’s revision moves the pedestrian crossing next to Ridge Rd. Note that about 2 years ago a car ran off the road just south of there and wiped out 3 of the trees along the Ridge Rd sidewalk, so moving pedestrians closer to Ridge Rd is not safe. Changing that intersection is a waste of funds, less safe for pedestrians, and will make turning there more difficult for vehicles.



One response to “Fixing Non-Issue

  1. I agree with Greg that the main issue with the current intersection on 23rd and Ridge is the utility pole. We can only get through there single file, which can be a challenge with a dog and 3 kids under 6. The current bus lane pull-off on Ridge provides a safe distance from the sidewalk to the street and the slip lane allows us to get off of Ridge Road as quickly as possible. I do not see a value add with the current redesign from a pedestrian safety perspective. Most likely, we’ll end up crossing 23rd at Nash Street where we have a blinding hill and no crosswalk. Unfortunately, this will likely be our safest option.

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