Design is flawed

 The County plans major revisions to the streetscape of the broadly defined Ridge Rd.-23rd St.intersection, to begin on 8 August 2011. The County’s redesign plan is, unfortunately, flawed. Residents have requested that the County (Board and staff) reverse course, put the intersection revision on hold, and incorporate resident insights and concerns into a workable redesign scheme, as we know the intersection well and we will bear the brunt of the re-design plan flaws.

===> Please see Letter from Neighbor with Detailed Decription of Issues.

Unfortunately, resident perceptions are that we have no choice and no voice in this matter,  that we were not listened to, and that the County has designed changes that will exacerbate safety issues rather than correct them, solving “problems” that don’t exist and ignoring problems that do plague our intersection and quality of life. So much for the famed “Arlington Way.” The civic association has proven incapable of advocating for residents. Neighbors are upset that we and our families may be put at risk by the County’s misguided plan. We seek to work with the County to develop a win-win plan, so we residents of Ridge Road and Club Manor Estates request that the County put the planned construction activities on hold, meet with residents and reconsider the design plan, and incorporate our considerations into the County’s plans.



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