Is this what we want?

On June 18th, We saw quite an event happen when a truck attempted to turn from northbound Arlington Ridge Road onto southbound S. Meade St, up and around that tight turn with a hump in it.  The driver told us his GPS was guiding him. I took numerous photographs of this curious situation.  The photos speak for themselves and include the huge auto back ups in both directions from north and south when this kind of event happens. 


If this situation is happening at the intersection at this moment, can you imagine what will happen once the safety slip lane is removed and the entrance to Meade St narrowed? Is this what we want and need? Is this safe and desired outcome?

We spoke to a Sergeant Clagett, #757, of the Arlington County Police Department (he was sent to the scene to control traffic) and we told him of our issues with the County over their traffic calming plans for the intersection, including elimination of the slip lane which the truck should have used, and how they would eliminate needed turn lanes at the light.  Most interestingly, he agreed with our resistance to squeezing the Meade intersection.  His experience – he has been with the police force for over 20 years – has been that the County’s traffic calming projects all have caused increased traffic backups, delays and accidents.  He offered that we could use his name if we wished – we didn’t ask to – and gave me his card to back it up.

Tom and Elizabeth


One response to “Is this what we want?

  1. We walk daily in the neighborhood with young children, including to and from Oakridge Elementary. From our frequent walks, the current pedestrian safety issue is the utility pole in the middle of sidewalk on Ridge Rd near 23rd St. There is no pedestrian safety issue with the existing Meade St/Ridge Rd slip lane. People can cross now at the marked crosswalk at the stop sign on Meade St, far from the steady traffic on Ridge Rd. The county’s revision moves the pedestrian crossing next to Ridge Rd. Note that about 2 years ago a car ran off the road just south of there and wiped out 3 of the trees along the Ridge Rd sidewalk, so moving pedestrians closer to Ridge Rd is not safe. Changing that intersection is a waste of funds, less safe for pedestrians, and will make turning there more difficult for vehicles.

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