Save Our Streets – Help Your Neighbors!

Save Our Streets represents over 100 South Arlington, VA families or residents whose personal safety is being put at risk by County plans to redesign the intersections of Arlington Ridge, S. 23rd St., and especially South Meade Street– scheduled to begin on August 8, 2011.  For the most updated numbers, please see countdown.  The County is getting ready to rail-road residents. Please click here.

 What Is the County Planning to Do?
The county is planning a $200,000-$300,000 redesign of the intersections of Arlington Ridge Road, 23rd St., and Meade Streets as a way of furthering “traffic calming” on Arlington Ridge Road. Some of the elements included in this project:

  1. Redesigning sidewalks, adding buffer strips, redesigning a pedestrian crossing, and adding a traffic signal
  2. Removing a bus lane on the corner of 23rd and Arlington Ridge that will force traffic to stop on an arterial road.
  3. Eliminating a safety “slip lane” from Arlington Ridge Road onto S. Meade St. which means that neighbors on South Meade will have no safe exit from Arlington Ridge Road.
    [See detailed documentation under the background.]

This is flawed design. Save Our Streets is a distress call to the County to keep our residents safe. It is a distress call for the Arlington County Transportation Division that has ignored the “Arlington Way,” refused to listen to neighborhood input and insists on a plan that was not even requested. It is a distress call that we hope has resonance with other communities — that a local government must actively include and not ignore its citizens in local transportation projects.